AC Reading Contest

The American Corner of Cambodia is hosting the 18th Reading Contest 2017. The contest will help participants to improve reading and to foster a love and a habit of reading.

“Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader” by W. Fusselman.
When: 9 August 2017 – 12 September 2017
Who can participate in the contest?
1.    High school students
2.    English language students
3.    Age between 15 to 22 years old

Participants are required to:
•    Have a student ID card and a photo (3x4).
•    Read three books
•    Submit three summaries of the three books to the program committee in order to be graded.
•    Earn passing scores on three journal entries in order to be selected to join the final round.
1st prize:    External Hard Drive
2nd prize:   Backpack       
3rd prize:    Power Bank
4th prize:    Flash Drive
5th prize:    Metal Bottle
      Plus:    Incentive Bonus Gifts

For more information, please contact us at:
Main Library/American Corner, 2nd Floor, PUC South Campus
No.184, Norodom Blvd., Phnom Penh
Tel: 010 50 21 21/011 50 21 21 
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Main Library/American Corner/EducationaUSA Advising Center
PUC South Campus No.184, Norodom Blvd., Phnom Penh
Tel: 010 50 21 21

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