The American Corner offers four main ongoing programs, including the Americana Quiz, Reading Club, Reading Contest, and Storytime. Students and the general public can take the Americana Quiz and participate in the reading contest at the corner at any day. The Americana Quiz aims to test participants’ knowledge on a wide range of American subjects including culture, society, history, geography, government and politics. The Reading Contest, Reading club, and Storytime aim to foster a love and a habit of reading among children, teenagers, and young adults. The Reading Club is open every Sunday morning, while Storytime is on Sunday afternoon.

Moreover, the corner organizes several special programs, such as poster exhibitions, workshops and conferences on various topics. American Corner hosts between fifteen and twenty programs every year. There are more than ten-thousand patrons benefits from the corner’s collections and programs each year.


Main Library/American Corner/EducationaUSA Advising Center
PUC South Campus No.184, Norodom Blvd., Phnom Penh
Tel: 010 50 21 21

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